Food Therapy Vet

Dr. Rachel Berger Groner, DVM, CVFT

Licensed Veterinarian
Certified Veterinary Food Therapist

What is Veterinary Food Therapy?

We all know that what we eat affects our bodies, our health and how we feel. This is true for our pets too.
Veterinary food therapy is a holistic, integrative veterinary medical therapy that recognizes that fact and promotes food as a treatment tool and as a disease preventative for our pets. It is one area of practice of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), along with the areas of herbal medicine, acupuncture and tui-na.

The extraordinary properties and effects of each of the foods used in veterinary food therapy have been determined, and used therapeutically, by Chinese medical practitioners over thousands of years. Veterinary food therapy is a convenient, flexible, low-stress and rewarding way for you to participate in your pet’s nourishment and treatment.

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Veterinary Food Therapy!

Specialty Veterinary Services

  • Pet Diet Consultations
  • Food-based Therapy for Medical and Behavioral Issues
  • Commercial or Homemade Diet Recommendations
  • Balanced Nutrition
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  • Dr. Groner took on the care of our mixed breed rescue, Curry, who was nervous, shaking sometimes, barking at every little thing, and peeing in the house from time to time. She checked him out and created a thoughtful recipe for us to make at home which was full of diverse ingredients. After we fed him this food for several weeks, she checked him out again and adjusted the recipe based on changes he showed. At the end of his time eating Dr. Groner’s perfectly tailored recipes, Curry was calmer and had stopped peeing in the house! Also, after seeing how rich and nutritious homemade food you give your dog can and should be, “real” food makes so much more sense!
    Curry's owner
  • Dr. Groner worked on my boxer/pitt mix Brooklyn after she had been experiencing reactions from foods causing a rash that wouldn’t go away! Dr. Groner gave me a specific plan and her rash and itching went away without any strong medication! I was so happy and have recommended her to everyone :-)
    Rebecca (Brooklyn’s mom)
  • Marjie
    Dr. Groner's holistic approach, knowledge and genuine care and concern have been instrumental in helping us negotiate the challenges of our aging kitty. Her accessibility has also been quite remarkable, particularly during this pandemic period when veterinarian appointments have been in such great demand. She is an excellent, integrative, "boutique" practitioner to her four legged patients and we are so fortunate to have found her.
  • Lisa
    Traditional veterinary medicine failed us. After a 3 day stay at the animal hospital for pancreatitis, our 11 year old Bella came home to boiled chicken and rice. Soon after, she started having ongoing rashes and sores. Our regular vet’s response was endless antibiotics and medicated shampoo. Once the antibiotics wore off, the rash returned. Nothing was working until Dr. Groner came to our rescue and zeroed in on the immune and dietary issues causing the problems. She designed scrumptious meal plans to meet Bella's dietary needs and also added supplements to support her immune system and digestive tract. The changes are amazing! I trust her and highly recommend her for real solutions to the underlying issues.